Teaming Up to Make a Difference


Dedicated high school sports teams have the power to set incredible records, beat tough opponents and send crowds of fans to their feet in celebration. Combining commitment, drive and determination, they become a force of influence, collectively and individually. And when these athletes team up off the field to unite for causes that outmatch even their biggest rival, the magnitude of their impact can send ripples of blessing throughout a community.

In an effort show their athletes just how big of a difference they can make, and with the desire to give back to the communities who generously support their teams, many high school coaches are pairing their teams with service opportunities. The result is a resounding win for all. Here’s a snapshot of how three local teams have touched Clark County.

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Davi Nabors, M.Ed., LMHC lives in Battle Ground and is a parenting coach, writer, presenter, and mom of two teen athletes. She swims, bikes and runs, trying keep up with her sons. She blogs about it all, along with practical parenting advice, on www.TriParenting.com.

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