The New Domesticity: I’m Thinking of an Animal


“I’m thinking of an animal that lives in the forest and has long, brown hair.” It didn’t matter what the animal was. It could have been a shark. It could have been an elephant. It could have been a tarantula. And still my sister began every round of the guessing game with that same mysterious description. Eventually we’d get around to the answer. “Oh! It’s a starfish!” We still laugh over it to this day, and I remain ever grateful that all my sister’s animals were forest dwelling critters with long brown hair.

One of the delights of childhood is playing guessing games. Such games encourage family interaction, strengthen our minds, and give us a chance to set aside screens for a time, too. This month I’ve gleaned a few tried and true games, enjoyed either by my own family or by family friends for generations. Each of these games can be tailored to reflect a holiday theme, should you wish to include them your family’s December festivities.

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