Three Ingredients for a Successful Second Marriage

Three Ingredients for a Successful Second Marriage

Conflict. Connection. Communication. Three ingredients for a successful remarriage. Happily ever after, the end.

Well, not exactly. We wish it were as simple as stating three words and—poof!—all problems would evaporate, and blissful unity would materialize in stepfamilies.

But, even though it’s never easy, putting these three principles into practice can increase satisfaction in your remarriage and stepfamily journey. 

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Brenda and Gil Stuart live in Brush Prairie and have seven grown children and multiple grandchildren between them. Together, they use their professional expertise and personal experience to operate Restored and Remarried, an organization that “encourages and equips couples who are thinking about, starting out on, or are living the stepfamily adventure with fun, interactive and practical resources.” Learn more at

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