Transitions: A Mentally Healthy Holiday Season

Transitions: A Mentally Healthy Holiday Season

Does the beginning of the holiday season feel like a warm nurturing hug? When you release your arms, are you simply ready to experience everything it has to offer with ease? No?

Any transition, whether in daily life or seasonal, can have a significant effect on one’s mental and physical health. A change in routine, clothing, food, focus, and internal and external stressors affect different people in different ways. Either way, these changes are bound to cause some level of stress, even if it is perceived as something positive.

The holiday season can often be about getting everything and everyone else in order. We might be really good at taking care of ourselves most of the time, but transitional times that come with added stressors can often mean an unconscious decision to take a break from our wellness routine.

How do we stay true to ourselves during this time of year? How can we keep our mind-body-spirit healthy? What does a mentally healthy holiday season look like for you?

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Kendall Hagensen is a Vancouver therapist and founder of Soma Wellness. “Soma” simply means body. Kendall is a Somatic, or body-based, psychotherapist and dance/movement therapist. She offers individual counseling and groups for adolescents and adults, as well as educational and wellness workshops. For more information, contact Kendall at 360-904-9432 or visit

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