Wander Woman: Kayaking Ridgefield

Wander Woman: Kayaking Ridgefield

A soft splash as the oar cuts through water; a quiet swoosh as your boat glides close to shore. A stately blue heron regards you as he patiently waits for a meal. Meanwhile, a bald eagle surveys the scene from his perch high above in the branches of a craggy tree. Kayaking allows you to do more than observe nature and wildlife; you become part of it.

This month I took my kids back to Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge to explore the waterways by kayak. Alder Creek rents single and double kayaks, canoes, stand up paddleboards and rafts; and they will outfit you for a two-hour trip, all the way up to a 24-hour excursion.

The day we kayaked was pleasantly overcast; perfect weather for my Northwest-born kids. After signing papers and getting fitted for life jackets, our group of six paired off into three double kayaks. Becca, the Alder Creek employee, suggested a route for us to take that would work with our two-hour time slot and we were off, launching right out the back of Alder Creek’s shop.

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