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Hiking with kids can be good exercise, not only for your body, but also for your patience. The whining, the complaining, the refusal to take one more step, the kicking up dust and giving your brother repeated “flat tires” can make any parent hesitant to introduce their kids to this enjoyable pastime.

That’s why it’s a great idea to stack the deck in your favor when introducing kids to hiking. The trail along the Lewis River at Moulton Falls is one of these stacked deck hikes. It winds through some of the most scenic land in Clark County, the wide, gravel trail is completely shaded by gorgeous big leaf maple, alder, cedar and Douglas fir; and for the most part, it’s completely flat. The trail is an out and back hike that you can make as long or short as you want, so when little ones get tired, all you have to do is turn around.

The path runs along the Lewis River and past Moulton Falls, offering spectacular scenery through the trees on one side of the trail. On the other side is a fern and moss covered cliff with tiny waterfalls here and there feeding into the river below. Bring your little ones or even push a stroller along this old road grade that is perfect for families, joggers, slow hikers or fast. There is room for everyone.

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