Wander Woman: Mountain View Ice Arena

Wander Woman: Mountain View Ice Arena

For the quintessential winter experience, you can’t beat ice-skating. Here in Clark County we don’t have to wait for a pond to freeze over. Just head to Mountain View Ice Arena, strap on some skates, and get ready to channel your inner Michelle Kwan or Wayne Gretzky.

Located on Mill Plain Boulevard, the little blue awning that designates the entrance to Mountain View Ice Arena might be easy to miss. The kids I brought with me for this adventure were quick to point out, however, that all you have to do is look for Sheridan’s Frozen Custard, and you’ll find it.

Open skate, public sessions are offered daily, but it’s best to check Mountain View’s online calendar first to make sure they don’t have a schedule change. (I learned this the hard way.)

Other lessons we learned during our outing related to clothing. “Make sure you wear long, thick socks,” Isaac, age 12 suggested. He wore ankle socks and soon found out that the boot of the skate rubbed uncomfortably on his leg. Long pants are also a must, because if you’re new to skating, you should plan to fall at least once.

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