Wander Woman – Pendleton Woolen Mills

Wander Woman – Pendleton Woolen Mills

Wander Woman LogoHave you ever dreamed of vacationing somewhere exotic like London, Rome, or Hong Kong? Do you realize that people are dreaming of taking their next vacation right here, in Southwest Washington?

It’s true. People from all over the world visit this area every year and love it. Wondering why?

Well, stop wondering!

If you don’t already realize that we live in one of the most beautiful and interesting places on the planet, it’s time to look around and start to see our little part of the world the way the tourists see it.

Grab your family and start exploring everything that makes Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, Battle Ground, Woodland, Ridgefield and all the other nooks and crannies of Southwest Washington simply amazing. Each month, as Wander Woman, I’ll be doing just that. This month we will start with a tour of the Pendleton Woolen Mills in Washougal.

Pendleton wool products are one of the Pacific Northwest’s greatest gems. They’re well made, high quality, long lasting, iconic, and if grandma has an old blanket up in the attic, could be worth some money. In 1909 the eponymous mill was established in Pendleton, Oregon. But just three years later, the company acquired another mill in Washougal, Washington, and it is still in full production today turning out high quality blankets and fabric.

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Got tips for families visiting Pendleton Woolen Mills? Share in the comment section below!

Afton Nelson is a wife and mother of three boys, and a writer who loves exploring the Pacific Northwest with her family. Get to know her better at

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  • Afton

    Thanks for your feedback, Jeff! I went back and checked my pictures and the signage all says “Captain William Clark Park at Cottonwood Beach.” Still, it never hurts to double check that kind of thing. I’d love to hear your suggestions for things to do and see in Washougal or Camas that I might be able to use in an upcoming article. We live in a beautiful place!

  • Jeff

    You did not visit Capt Clark Park “just steps from the store”. That would be Steamboat Landing. Clark Park is a little over a mile or two upstream. Locals know. Vancouver people? Obviously, not so much.


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