Wander Woman: Stay Cool at Vancouver Lake Regional Park

Wander Woman: Stay Cool at Vancouver Lake Regional Park

I’ll admit it: I’m a weather snob.

When Mother Nature veers anywhere out of the 73-78 degree temperature sweet spot, I may be heard to complain. After all, our mild, temperate summers are one of the things I love best about the Pacific Northwest. The promise of perfect summer days is what gets me through the months of grey drizzle.

But when the thermometer starts to creep north of 80, and even, dare I say, 90, there are fantastic ways to beat the heat that become even more fun when the weather gets hotter. One of them is Vancouver Lake.

Situated up next to the Columbia River and connected to it by Lake River, Vancouver Lake is a four square mile, manmade lake that tops out at 12 to 15 feet at its deepest point. The expansive grassy area, shade trees, picnic tables, barbeque grills and sandy beach make it the perfect place to take the family and a picnic for a day of fun.

I brought Isaac and Thomas, both 13-years-old, for a little swimming and relaxing.

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