Wrapping Charity into the Giving Season

Wrapping Charity into the Giving Season

The holidays are supposed to be happy, but when it comes to gift giving, it’s easy to become consumed by anxiety and expectation. This pressure is sometimes magnified for families who have many obligations and persuasive little ones with giant imaginations.

Still, nobody denies that gifts are a wonderful way to express our love. We give to relieve need, to share the abundance with which we’ve been blessed, and to reflect the good that we find in the world. The only real difference in opinion surrounds questions like, How much is too much? and What makes a good gift? While the first question is more personal, there are strategies to help you wrap up a more meaningful gift.

One of the most powerful is directing your holiday generosity toward local needs. This doesn’t necessarily mean simply choosing your favorite charity and giving a gift in honor of each of your family members. When done well, charitable giving can be more personal than a store bought gift because it provides an opportunity to infuse two crucial elements into your gift.

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Anne Digenis is a senior philanthropic specialist at the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington, which helps local donors give to causes they care about by providing philanthropic advice and a variety of charitable funds.

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