Running Start: Right for Your Teen?


For teens, the final two years of high school are fraught with questions about future education, career plans, and launching into adult life. For parents of these teens, these same years require a delicate balance of support and encouragement tempered by incremental freedoms. Striking that balance starts with becoming acquainted with the educational opportunities available to your child in high school and beyond. One of these valuable opportunities that can have long lasting effects is Running Start, a program that offers qualifying high school students the chance to earn both high school and college credits during high school. The cost benefits alone make it a tantalizing option, but is it a viable one for your student?

Angelia Riveira, On-Campus Running Start Advisor at Central Washington University, says, “Running Start students tend to be above average.” Students in the program are mature, independent, self-starting individuals who desire to get ahead in ways they can only imagine. Here are a few questions to consider as you and your child discuss their suitability for Running Start.

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Natalie Hyland is a senior studying digital journalism with a print specialization at Central Washington University. She completed the Running Start program through Lower Columbia College in Longview in the Spring of 2016. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career as a sports writer.

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