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Bit of HiStory: The Legacy of Paddy Hough

Early hardship and deprivation profoundly affects people. Some become hardened and cruel. Others develop strength and understanding. Patrick Hough, for which Vancouver’s Hough Elementary, Hough Foundation, and the Hough neighborhood were named, was born far away from Southwest Washington, on St. Patrick’s Day, 1846 in Slevoire, near Tipperary in Ireland. That was the year the… Read More

Of Superheroes and Princesses

A quick scan of any preschoolers’ bedroom reveals a magical realm of characters and creatures. If play is the work of childhood, then most kids toil industriously, extrapolating meaning from the world around them as they inhabit their heroes’ identities. Their world of make believe is enchanting. So enchanting in fact, that it can lead… Read More