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Dear Dr. Universe: What do planets have inside?

Dear Dr. Universe: What do planets have inside? –Rhianna, 10, California Dear Rhianna, Each planet is a little different on the inside. And what’s inside a planet can shape what’s on the outside, too. That’s what I found out from my friend Steve Reidel, a geologist at Washington State University. “Well, there’s the rocky planets,” he… Read More

Micah’s Miles Marathon Team Features Teacher-Student Duo

This April, Camas second grader Micah Snell will be rolling in his wheelchair racer over more than 52 miles, completing two marathons in eight days. His teacher, Amy Campbell, will push Micah for one of those marathons. It’s all part of a mini-fundraising campaign by the Micah’s Miles racing team to raise funds for the… Read More