Eye on Education: Vision Therapy and Success in the Classroom

With a new school year just around the corner, families are going through the checklist to get ready for school: shopping for new backpacks, shoes, and even new glasses to match the threads! What I recently discovered is that some eye doctors are trained to evaluate children’s vision beyond an eye glasses prescription. “August is… Read More

Community for Women Engineers Inspires Local Students

When Laura Shannon started her engineering program at Washington State University Vancouver, she noticed the need for a community of other female engineers to join forces and support each other. Shannon and another female engineering student were working on a class research project together and noted how rare it was to study and work with… Read More

What Comes Next? Options after High School for Students with Disabilities

Anna Houston, described by her mother as a compassionate big sister, struggled through most of her school years. Anna is on the Autism spectrum, and high school proved to be a particularly difficult time. The combination of increased homework expectations and social difficulties kept Anna from graduating on time. Now at age 19, Anna has… Read More