Of Superheroes and Princesses

A quick scan of any preschoolers’ bedroom reveals a magical realm of characters and creatures. If play is the work of childhood, then most kids toil industriously, extrapolating meaning from the world around them as they inhabit their heroes’ identities. Their world of make believe is enchanting. So enchanting in fact, that it can lead… Read More

Education Guide 2018

Welcome to your brief tour of Clark County educational options, where your community and your child’s educational needs intersect. You’ll find a sampling of private schools from Battle Ground to downtown Vancouver and beyond, as well as contact and location information for each of Clark County’s nine public school districts. As you consider the best… Read More

Running Start: Right for Your Teen?

For teens, the final two years of high school are fraught with questions about future education, career plans, and launching into adult life. For parents of these teens, these same years require a delicate balance of support and encouragement tempered by incremental freedoms. Striking that balance starts with becoming acquainted with the educational opportunities available… Read More