Seven Things Every Baby Needs to Thrive

From the moment our babies are conceived, parents are bombarded with messages about buying their wholeness. But the wellbeing of children has little to do with purchasing the newest bouncy seat on the market or dressing them in adorable outfits that will impress friends on social media. Healthy, happy children are raised that way by… Read More

Essential Elements: The Health Effects of Iron Deficiency and Replacement

Part One of a Two-Part Series on Vitamin Deficiencies Read Part Two, about vitamin D deficiency, in Vancouver Family Magazine’s October 2017 issue When Jennifer Prescott, now age 29, was in college, she started experiencing major fatigue, above and beyond the typical exhausted-college-student variety.  “My appetite was very low, I had no energy, I slept… Read More

10 Ways To Build Better Student-Teacher Relationships

Teacher-student cooperation is an important alliance that starts at home and affects a child’s entire academic career. Having positive relationships with teachers throughout twelve years of school can make the difference between a child who adores school and all it encompasses and a child who dreads school and struggles on a daily basis. By the… Read More