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Oregon Symphony's performance of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" was tantamount to two performances in one. But the combination of movie and symphony was more than the sum of those two parts.

“I can’t invent, I can only copy,” thus confessed one of the most delightfully successful creatives in all of children’s literature, Beatrix Potter. Yet who among us would have the audacity to turn the pages of “Peter Rabbit” and sniff, “What’s so original about

Local area youth are bringing the old-fashioned Christmas spirit to the east side with a production of “A Wonderful Life," a musical based on Frank Capra's beloved 1946 movie starring James Stewart as everyman George Bailey. Full disclosure: “It’s a

Oregon Children’s Theatre's production of the picture book, “Me… Jane” is a sweet ode to the one and only Jane Goodall. A west coast premiere, Aida Valentine portrays a young Jane Goodall exploring her backyard with her stuffed chimp Jubilee,