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I love to spend time with my three sons and to see them show compassion and laugh. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for many of us dads to find enough time to be the coach, teacher, and companion to our kids that we want to be. Many dads, like our outstanding counterparts known as “moms,” are familiar with the wonderful joys of parenting and also the struggle to balance life’s other demands with getting enough quality time with our kids.

I caught up with two very different Vancouver fathers who shared a bit about the rewards and challenges of being a father and balancing work, family, and play. Together we will share a few simple suggestions to help our fellow dads connect with their kids and improve our dad game.

Keith Wells from Vancouver is a single father who adopted his niece when she was 5 years old. He knows what it’s like to work 60 or more hours a week and parent on an empty tank. “It’s hard,” says Wells. “Some days I put in so much brain power at work there is nothing left for home.” Wells says his love for his daughter helps him “push through” after the long days so he can give his daughter the time and attention she deserves. “She is my priority, and everything else comes second.”

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