Men’s Health: Play Time is Healthy Time


Exercise is the most important foundation that men can build for themselves to achieve and maintain optimal health. It’s more powerful than any pill in preventing and treating many conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, strokes, colon cancer, and bone thinning, and helps prevent weight gain as men age. While dieting is also necessary to lose weight, exercising regularly helps accelerate the weight loss and is critical to keeping it off. Regular exercise is also proven to treat conditions such as high blood pressure, heart diesease, asthma and smoker’s lung disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, mental health conditions, arthirisu, and other diseases. It even increases brain activities such as thinking, learning, judgment skills, and mood. And best of all, regular exercise helps men live longer lives with greater physical abilities and overal quality fo life.

As it turns out, a prescription for healthy kids is much the same as is recommended for their grown counterparts.

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