Self-Defense for Kids: Protect and Enhance Body and Mind

Self-Defense for Kids: Protect and Enhance Body and Mind

Parenting today involves confronting a host of concerns that our parents and grandparents did not have to deal with. Cyberbullying from peers is now a reality for many kids, and child predators are on the prowl. But some dangers never change. Both kids and adults have always benefitted from the ability to defend themselves physically if the need arose. And learning self-defense goes beyond physical protection. It can also enhance young people’s everyday lives and inner confidence, giving them tools for success as they grow and enter adulthood.

Benefits of Self-Defense Training

For parents looking for ways to have their kids learn proper self-defense techniques, martial arts classes are very common and widely available. Whether it is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, self-defense training or even kickboxing, all martial arts teach children a variety of techniques which empower them with knowledge that can safeguard them from harm.

Physical Strength and Confidence

Doug Bertrand, Master Instructor at East West Martial Arts, has more than three decades of experience in martial arts and self-defense training. He shares that the physical benefits of this kind of training can be significant. “Each student will increase in strength, flexibility and hand-eye coordination, being able to master each new level of difficulty as they make advancements in their belt ranks. This physical training allows a student to develop a lifestyle that promotes health and well-being.” Bertrand explains that while physical strength is important for self-defense, there is more to it than just muscle.

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