Author: Heather Lee Leap

Heather Lee Leap is a Pacific Northwest freelance writer, wife and mother.

Got ungrateful kids, or just hoping to start them off right when it comes to appreciating the big… or little things in life? Kids learn through modeling and repetition, and gratitude is no exception. The more often your children see or

I’d been missing the Halloween Fairy, the Robin Hood of Candy. She would descend upon our house late on Halloween night once our little trick-or-treaters had fallen asleep. She flew in and flitted away with their candy. Before bed, our girls

In many schools, fewer hours are allotted to recess and physical education each year, but spring is the perfect time to commit to the challenge of riding to school or work. Bicycling is a fun and fitness-friendly method of transportation

Spring is here and Earth Day is close at hand, but don’t wait until April 22 to celebrate. Now is the time to reflect on your family’s commitment to the environment. What can you do to educate and inspire your own