Bit of HiStory: The Ghost of Officers Row

Bit of HiStory: The Ghost of Officers Row

Almost dead center of Officers Row near Fort Vancouver stands The Grant House, the oldest house on the row, the only home still standing from the original nine built in 1849. It was the commanding officer’s residence and was the home of many distinguished military men. Over the years it served many purposes from officer’s club to library to bachelor officer’s quarters to old house museum, and now a restaurant. And over the years, visitors to the house have reported unexplained phenomena.

Rumors started when the house was a museum, where the curator lived in an apartment in the back that is now a meeting room. His pet was a big orange cat named Chadwick who roamed the museum when it was closed. As cats will, Chadwick would see things and curiously follow them through the house, sometimes reacting oddly to whatever it was he followed.

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Pat Jollota retired from the Los Angeles Police Department and came to Vancouver to find a new career in historic preservation. She was curator of education at the Clark County Historical Museum for 22 years, while almost concurrently serving for 20 years on the Vancouver City Council.

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