Author: Pat Jollota

Pat Jollota retired from the Los Angeles Police Department and came to Vancouver to find a new career in historic preservation. She was curator of education at the Clark County Historical Museum for 22 years, while almost concurrently serving for 20 years on the Vancouver City Council.

The Clark County community loves the water. We want to get close. Fortunately there are many places to do just that. One of the most popular spots is Wintler Park, a 12.5 acre riverfront park that offers spectacular views of

Winter nights are long and dark in the Pacific Northwest. Before electric lights, the moon and the stars lit the countryside. Unfortunately, in the Pacific Northwest the winter skies are usually clouded over. So, against the midwinter dark, lanterns and

A century ago, in October 1918, The Great War was coming to an end. Across Europe, though, soldiers and civilians alike were falling ill and dying within hours or days. Though it most likely did not originate in Spain, people

Almost dead center of Officers Row near Fort Vancouver stands The Grant House, the oldest house on the row, the only home still standing from the original nine built in 1849. It was the commanding officer’s residence and was the

The winter of 1901-02 was a long, wet one for Southwest Washington. But eventually the warm sun of spring was welcomed, crops and wildflowers burst from the ground, and the season became warm and unseasonably dry. As the days lengthened,

Today many of us walk or ride bikes on the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail, an 8-mile swath of green that cross sections a large portion of the City of Vancouver. On the west, the trail begins at Stewart Glen Park,

The recent volcanic eruptions and subsequent tragedies in Hawaii are all the more poignant to many Clark County residents because of the special historic relationship between Vancouver and the Islands. Our namesake, George Vancouver, was with Captain Cook at the

This summer, as we are drawn to enjoy the many dedicated parks and green spaces in Southwest Washington, we are exploring the history of the land and the names of these beloved local parks. Davis Park, in the middle of Old

On warm summer days, the many parks of Clark County are full of families enjoying playgrounds, walking trails, sports fields and courts, skate parks, dedicated green space, outdoor grills, pavilion shelters and all of the natural beauty afforded us by

Esther Short’s name is now synonymous with the heart of downtown Vancouver, and the park named in her honor is said to be the oldest public park in the state of Washington, and one of the oldest public parks in