Multiple Babies, Multiple Blessings: Tales from Twin and Triplet Moms

Multiple Babies, Multiple Blessings: Tales from Twin and Triplet Moms

Life with twins or triplets: it is full of highs and lows, humor and tears, and a unique perspective on life with not one baby, but two or sometimes three or more. Each day with twins or triplets is non-stop. I caught up with two moms of multiples to learn how life changed once they welcomed their new bundles into their family.

A Day in the Life of Twins

Bobbi Coine had three kids before she and her husband found out they were about to welcome twins into the family. The twins are now 7 months old, and life has certainly been busy. Coine’s typical day doesn’t include much down time. She says, “A typical day is just busy! With twins, it’s like time goes super-fast, but so slowly at the same time.” Between multiple diaper changes and multiple feedings, before you know it, it’s time for naps and catching up with laundry. Coine says, “Being outnumbered, I tend to stay home a lot more and only really leave the house to take my older children to their activities which takes about 15 to 20 minutes of just loading the minivan.” She explains that finding time to spend alone with her spouse or her other children when the babies still need constant attention is challenging. But for Coine, the amazing part of being a twin mom is seeing the incredible bond that the babies have with one another. She says, “The best part about twins is seeing the two babies interact with each other. It’s such an amazing bond that they get to share forever.”

A Day in the Life of Triplets

Kadie Warner has triplet girls that just turned 1 year old in June. She says that life with her triplets is very scheduled. The kids are all on the same schedule, and life usually consists of lots of meals, naps, and play time in between. She says, “Routine is great and it’s the only way we’ve survived the first year, but now we have babies that are very stuck to their routine and have a hard time when we deviate from it. I basically can’t leave them unsupervised right now, but I love just sitting and playing with them.” She agrees that getting out and doing things is harder, and it’s almost impossible to get out by herself with the three girls in tow. But Warner also shares that seeing the kids learn to interact with each other has been enjoyable. She says, “I think that it’s fun to see them start to play together, and it’s wonderful that they are going through stages at the same time.”

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