Author: Judy M. Miller

Judy M. Miller is a freelance writer, wife, and mother of four children. She is the author of “What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween” and “Writing to Heal Adoption Grief: Making Connections & Moving Forward.”

One of the toughest first decisions I had to make as a new parent-to-be was finding exceptional daycare for my newborn. I had to go back to work six weeks after giving birth so I began my daycare search long

  Do you remember family vacations from when you were a child? Was packing done in a frenzy, and at the last minute? Or did you just calmly walk out the door with your family because your parents did all of

Celebrating the New Year was an adults-only evening, until I had kids. Upon becoming a parent, I had no desire to leave my kids at home with a babysitter—if I could get one—so I decided to make New Year's Eve

Grandparents are special. They offer sage advice, wisdom, and wonderful "listening ears." Sometimes, especially when mom and dad aren't around, they let their grandkids get away with things their parents won't. President Jimmy Carter recognized the importance of grandparents when he