Mosaic Family Voyage: The Spring Run Up

Mosaic Family Voyage: The Spring Run Up

At the beginning of April, after months tied to the dock during our harsh Pacific Northwest winter, we brought our sailboat, Mosaic, back to life like a bear coming out of hibernation.

The tarps came off. The lines and rigging were cleaned and inspected for any wintertime damage. The deck and cockpit were washed. More than a month’s worth of provisions purchased, catalogued and painstakingly stashed into the boat’s nooks and crannies. The dinghy, lovingly named “Tile,” was dropped back into the water to once again serve her purpose as our primary means of getting to shore.

On top of our normal springtime routine, we also had to manage a plethora of larger improvement projects. These projects will improve life at anchor for us this summer as we sail and explore here in the Puget Sound, but they’re also essential projects for safety this autumn when we take the boat back out onto the Pacific Ocean and sail down the west coast to California and then onward to Mexico.

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Rachel Messerschmidt and her family are Clark County natives currently living and cruising full time aboard their sailboat, Mosaic, in the Pacific Northwest. Rachel blogs about her life and journey at Mosaic Voyage and shares her family’s adventures in a monthly column in Vancouver Family Magazine.

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