It’s Your Graduation Night. Please. Be. Careful.

For thirteen long years you’ve waited for this night. Like most people your age, you’ve worked and studied hard. You’ve dedicated and applied yourself. Here you are, impatiently waiting to hear your name, to take your walk across your stage. To shake your principal’s hand, and to receive your high school diploma. To receive your reward.… Read More

Editor’s Pick: “Screenagers” Documentary

It’s a common script: “But everyone else in my school has a smartphone!” “I have to play the newest video game!” “Why don’t you trust me with a tablet?” “I need Snapchat and Instagram! My social status depends on it!” The arguments go on and on with most teens who crave the connectedness, coolness, and entertainment that… Read More

Teaming Up to Make a Difference

Dedicated high school sports teams have the power to set incredible records, beat tough opponents and send crowds of fans to their feet in celebration. Combining commitment, drive and determination, they become a force of influence, collectively and individually. And when these athletes team up off the field to unite for causes that outmatch even… Read More