Natural vs Traditional Medicine: Yin and Yang

Natural vs Traditional Medicine: Yin and Yang

When I was growing up, no one emphasized natural medicine as a viable healthcare choice. Instead, I was raised, as I imagine you were, to rely entirely on traditional medicine without considering other options. In the Western medicine model, the doctor is usually the center of the family health care system and family members orbit around the doctor like planets in a solar system. But what about other options like naturopathy, acupuncture or Chinese medicine? According to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and The Institute for Natural Medicine, naturopathic therapies can lead to improved outcomes and lower costs for everyone involved.

A family can go through decades of insured health care without ever once receiving a recommendation from a Western doctor to explore natural medicine. In my opinion, we are past due for a revolution in our health care system, which will provide insurance coverage for natural practitioner visits and treatments in addition to traditional medicine. Of course, this idea could take generations to achieve, so don’t wait for the revolution to come to you. Taking charge of your family’s healthcare means understanding your natural healthcare coverage just as well as you understand your traditional healthcare coverage. How much natural healthcare did your insurance cover last year? If the answer is none, then you have some inquiries to make.

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